Company Research and Development Strength

  • 4
    R&D Center
  • 150+
    R&D Staff
  • 200+
    High-precision Instruments and Equipment
  • > 6%
    Annual R&D investment

R&D Center: We have 4 R&D centers with more than 150 R&D personnel. These R&D centers are the core of our technological innovation and provide strong support for the company's development.

Advanced laboratory and testing equipment: We are equipped with advanced laboratory and testing equipment, providing a good working environment and necessary facilities for R&D personnel. The advanced performance and accuracy of these devices ensures that our products meet the highest standards in quality and reliability.

Partnerships: We have established close partnerships with domestic academic and research institutions. Through cooperation with these institutions, we can obtain the latest research results, share technical resources, and receive professional guidance. This partnership strengthens our R&D capabilities and innovation, allowing us to keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry.

Annual R&D investment exceeds 6%: Our investment in R&D is very large, and the annual R&D investment exceeds 6% of the company's annual revenue. This shows how much we attach importance to technological innovation, and we regard research and development as one of the key strategies for the company's development. Such a substantial investment provides us with sufficient funds and resources to drive the progress of innovative projects.

Invention patent certificate: Our company has many invention patent certificates. These patent certificates are an important proof of our R&D strength and innovation ability, and also our core competitiveness in the market competition. These patent certificates further strengthen our position in the technical field and provide legal protection for our innovative products.

Looking forward to the future, we will continue to increase R&D investment, introduce more excellent R&D talents, and promote technological innovation and product upgrading. We will continue to strive to achieve technological breakthroughs, provide more competitive products and solutions, and create greater value for customers.

Certification and Patent Certificate